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I am here to help.  

Register today for a Purpose Activation, Group Coaching Session, Workshop or One-on-One Session.  Don't delay  any further, reach out today! Your life and the lives of those under your care & sphere of influence will be impacted by it!

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Coach Olga

About Me


I'm a Certified Life Coach, 

specializing in activating one's purpose.

My revolutionary approach to coaching has been transforming lives for 9 years!  

My commitment to provide direct support to those in need has resulted in people shifting from complacency to fulfillment! 

My services are geared towards

• Helping people activate their purpose.

• Helping people gain clarity.

• Helping people overcome challenges.

• Helping people create strategic plans.

• Helping people reach their goals. 

I’m a straight forward, transparent Coach!

My personal goal is to coach you no more than 3 months! I’m confident in my ability to get you where you identified you need to be within that time frame.


ENCOURAGE you to self reflect, to identify areas within yourself that need to change!

EMPOWER you to become the best you, 

you have ever been!

EQUIP you with the necessary tools for you to pull from, so that you become self-motivated!


What I Offer


Purpose Activation 

4.5 hours. Outdoor Workshop/Hike.

2.5 hours. One-on-One/no hike.

Cost is per person.  Includes content and materials.  

Group Coaching (same group objective)

2.5 hours. Group of 4 - 8 people.  Includes  materials and timeline.   

Executive Coaching  (Companies, Businesses, Non-Profits, Schools, Churches)

1 hour.  Once a week, 4 days a Month. Includes action plan, tools and resources.

One-on-One Coaching 

45 Minutes via Teleconference, includes action plan for meeting objective.

45 Minutes in Person session, includes action plan for meeting objective. 

One-on-One Multiple Session Bundles

 (Bundle your sessions and Save)

•Includes six (45 Minute) in Person sessions and action plan for meeting objective.

•Includes six (45 Minute) Telephonic sessions and action plan for meeting objective.

•Includes 2 (45 Minute) Telephone sessions and 3 (45 Minute) in Person sessions and action plan for meeting objective.

Customize your own Bundle and Save!

Workshops, Guest Speaker Invitations,

Staff Development Trainings 

(inquire about Themed Topics)

2.5 hours.  Includes pre & post time with attendees, content and resources.

All services are available in Person, Telephonically or Virtually via Skype, Zoom, WebEx, FaceTime.

Talleres En Español

Activa Tu Propósito

4.5 horas. Taller al aire libre, en grupo 6 - 8 personas.

2.5 horas. Tu y Coach Olga.

Costo es por persona.  Incluye contenido y materiales.

Coaching en Grupo

(cubrimos el mismo objetivo)
2.5 horas. Grupo de 4 - 8 personas.  Incluye materiales y línea de tiempo.

Coaching adentro de Organizaciones

(Negocios, Empresas, Escuelas, Iglesias)
1 hora. Una vez a la semana, 4 días al mes.  Incluye plan de acción, herramientas y recursos.

Coaching Individual

45 minutos a través de Teléfono.  Incluye plan de acción para cumplir el objetivo.
45 minutos en Persona.  Incluye plan de acción para cumplir el objetivo.

Paquetes de sesión múltiple uno a uno 

(Selecciona tus sesiones y ahorra)
• Incluye 6 sesiones de 45 minutos, En Persona.  Incluye plan de acción para cumplir el objetivo.
• Incluye 6 sesiones de 45 minutos, por Teléfono.  Incluye plan de acción para cumplir el objetivo.
• Incluye 2 sesiones por Teléfono (45 minutos cada llamada). 3 sesiones en Persona o Virtual. 

Incluye plan de acción para cumplir el objetivo.

Personaliza tu propio paquete y ahorra!

Invitaciones de Ministerio, 

Talleres de Desarrollo para Empleados

2.5 horas.  Incluye contenido, tiempo antes y despues con los participantes, y recursos.

Todos los servicios están disponibles

En Persona, por Teléfono o Virtualmente 

por medio de Skype, Zoom, WebEx, FaceTime

Why You Need Me


If you’re in need of clarity.

If you're in need of direction.

If you're at a cross roads in life. 

If you're unsatisfied with where you are

in an area of your life.

If you struggle with finishing what you start. 

If you don't know what you're doing or what you're suppose to be doing in life or as a career. 

If you need tools to become self motivated.

If your coming out of employment into entrepreneurship.

If you need assistance creating a strategic plan for your business. 

If your looking to empower your team with tools to get them to the next level. 


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